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911 Driving School

Tri-Cities 911 Driving School Pasco

Driving is a life-long privilege and a skill that requires total awareness and attention to detail. Trust the best instructors to teach your student to be a responsible driver for life!!!


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Basic New Driver Training

30-hours Classroom, 4 hours drive simulation (ZED), 5 hours of behind the wheel instruction, 1-5 hours of behind the wheel observation (1 hour minimum), and 1 DOL Knowledge test.  

Please Note:  Participation in ZED computer simulation is mandatory and is conducted for an additional 20 minutes after each class except for Class 1 and Class 15.  Actual class time periods for Classes 2 - 14 are as follows:  3:30-5:50 pm, 6:00-8:20 pm, or 9:00-11:20 am.

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Package Name Package Description Price Sign up
Please contact school for details


WA State Knowledge Test

We are a state authorized testing facility offering the Washington State Knowledge Test for Driver Licensing.

  • 40 question state examination
  • Instant test results
  • Instant results to the WA Department of Licensing

WA State Road Test

Now Offering the WA State Road Test!

Please contact our store for eligibility and scheduling!

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Conventional)

Conventional Course- Recommended for the average new driver.

  • Includes basic classroom instruction plus additional behind-the-wheel training
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 6 hours of driving
  • 6 hours of driving observation

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Basic)

Basic Course- For those seeking to gain the basics of safe driving.

  • Classroom instruction and behind the wheel training to meet your state’s basic requirements
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 5 hours of driving
  • 5 hours of driving observation

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Advanced)

Advanced Course- Recommended for the driver needing a little more practice.

  • Includes basic classroom instruction with additional time behind-the-wheel-training
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 7 hours of driving
  • 7 hours of driving observation

Refresher Drive

Ideal for refresher for our 911 graduates to come back and take before taking the DOL drive test or if you just want to brush up on your skills.

Private Drives

Client will work one-on-one with an instructor in our vehicle. Clients can customize private drives to meet their goals.






Policies for Teen Classes (15-17-year olds) include but are not limited to:
• Students must be at least 15 years old by the first day of class in order to attend the course selected.
• Students signed up for class must come to the office with a parent to sign our enrollment contract and to make a minimum payment of half of the tuition no later than 5 days before the first day of class. Failure to do so will risk the student’s guaranteed seat in the class.
• The first day of class is a Parent Orientation. At least 1 parent is expected to attend the first class with their student.
• Students cannot miss more than 3 classes. Missed classes need to be made up, either in a live class or with a DVD make-up.
• Students are required to complete a minimum of 5 drives for the course. A minimum of 3 drives must be completed by the last day of class.
• Students are accountable for their behavior and may be suspended from the course for repeat behavior violations. No refunds are given for suspensions due to behavior violations.
• All course requirements must be completed and course fees must be paid before Department of Licensing (DOL) testing can be scheduled.

Policies for Adult Classes (18 and older) include but are not limited to:
• Permits are required for adult driving lessons.
• Hourly drive lessons must be paid for at the time of the lesson.
• Adult Driving lesson packages must be paid in full in order to get the discounted cost of the package.

Policies for Department of Licensing (DOL) Testing include but are not limited to:
• Photo ID is required for all DOL testing.
• Fees are due at the time of testing.

Please contact our office at 509-544-0911 if you have any questions or would like additional information.


Adult Driving

Please contact school for details.